Review: Event Horizon (1997)

One of those classic "they-sound-nice-but-I-wish-they-had-a-bit-more-to-say"-tracks.

Director Paul Anderson and producer Jeremy Bolt get off to a fairly good start, even though Anderson often sounds like he thinks Bolt is an idiot. They cover a lot of ground - differences in acting styles, deleted scenes, technical details - and especially Anderson is very honest about the movie's shortcomings.

The pair provide a lot of information, but they don't have time to get into enough details. There are too many breaks and they often point of obvious stuff ("this is Sam Neill"). After a while they get caught up in the action scenes, making it quite clear they haven't seen the film for a while.

All in all, you'll probably be better off watching the feature length documentary.

Availability: The Special Edition version of the film, on both DVD and Blu-ray.

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