Prometheus (2012)

In space no one can hear you develop a bad screenplay, but on this track you can listen to us rip into one of 2012's most disappointing movies: Prometheus (2012). Directed by Sir Ridley Scottt, "written" by Jon Spaihts & Damon Lindelof.

On this track we cover:

- The deeply flawed screenplay
- The complete lack of science and logic
- Connection to the franchise
- Crackpot internet theories
- And we offer changes to improve the script

PS: We apologize for David pronouncing all names wrong.


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Participants: David Bjerre and Dennis Rosenfeld.
Day of recording: October 11th, 2012.
Version: Bluray or NTSC DVD.
Movie runtime: 2:03:45


Prometheus arrives at LV-223.

Weyland's briefing was bad...

... But it was nothing compared to the next act.

Oh my God! Do you SEE that plothole?!

A clever production designer gives the internet more fuel.

See those yellow dots in the bottom left corner? Those are the guys you're looking for Captain.

Gorgeous effects. They got that part right.

The new maps app is awesome.

Noomi is a trooper.

This is where the Alien franchise ended up. So sad.


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Apparently the Big Bang has nothing to do with the stars moving. We blame our non-existing astronomy education - Thanks to Sven.

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