Mission: Impossible (1996)

Tom Cruise stars as Ethan Hunt in Brian De Palma's 1996 big screen adaptation of Mission: Impossible, the classic TV show, created by Bruce Geller.

Our mission is: To investigate this fantastic action movie, with a critical eye, especially in terms of plot and connection to the original show.

On this track we cover:

- The logic of the plot
- The movie franchise vs. the series
- The origin of the series
- Tom Cruise the movie star
- And much more

Please note this track includes spoilers for all four Mission Impossible films, plus Stolen and The Untouchables.


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Participants: David Bjerre and Dennis Rosenfeld.
Day of recording: June 20th, 2013.
Version: Bluray or NTSC DVD.
Movie runtime: 1:50:12.


Tom Cruise as Ethan Hunt.

Jim Phelps explains the bad plan to the troops.

Rob Bottin makeup on Tom Cruise. That guy behind him fought aliens!

Prague by night.

Explain this paradox thing to me again.

When we're done here, you guys are gonna have sex, right?

The Kubrick room, by production designer Norman Reynold.

Cruise. Movie star.

A split diopter shot.

The fantastic final explosion.
Jim clearly shoots himself.

To the left: A cameo from visual effect supervisor John Knoll.


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Cinefex No. 81, April 2000, article by Kevin H. Martin.
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The Complete Mission: Impossible Dossier, Patrick J. White
Mission: Impossible - A Novel, by Peter Barsocchini


Bluray and DVD extras.

The Mythbusters episodes mentioned are:
- Crimes and Myth-Demeanors (Airduct stunt)
- Mission Impossible Mask
- Bouncing Bullet (Riding an explosion)

CNBC Show with a Cast Reunion of "Mission Impossible". Link.


IMDb. Link.

Wiki. Link.


Alex North wrote the discarded score for 2001, not Lalo Schifrin.

David says the train background plates were shot at high speed. He means low speed, so that they appear to go fast.


You can find even more screenshots and interesting goodies in this The Mission Impossible Visual Companion blog.

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