Event Horizon (1997)

We can't help ourselves, so we're heading to hell for another stab at a Paul W.S. Anderson film. This time we're talking about Event Horizon from 1997, written by Philip Eisner, starring Laurence Fishburne og Sam Neill, along with Anderson regulars Jason Isaacs and Sean Pertwee.

On this track we cover:

- The flawed story and what could have been
- The physics-defying techno babble
- Visual effects and designs
- We explain why we love the film unconditionally anyway
- And why, in the future, we're still going to need old-fashioned pens


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Participants: David Bjerre and Dennis Rosenfeld.
Day of recording: September 11th, 2014.
Version: Bluray version.
Movie runtime: 1.35.57


Laurence Fishburne as Captain Miller, and Sean Pertwee as "Smitty".

Cool sci-fi design.

Best scene Paul Anderson ever staged? Discuss.

Entering the haunted house... erhm ship.

The meat grinder!

Goth designs.

Poor Jason Isaacs.

Visions of hell. Indistinguishable from footage more or less removed from a major Hollywood film.

Where we're going we don't need eyes. Ironically the audience didn't see fit to face that problem.


The gigantic daylight station model.

Lewis & Clark to the rescue.

The Event Horizon was built at almost full size.

David's costume from the movie! (Scenes cut. Lawsuit pending)
No matter how advanced we get, we'll always need pens. From Alien (1979), 2010 (1984), Total Recall (1990), and Event Horizon (1997).
Paul WS Anderson likes to steal from Alien. Top right and left: Alien (1979). Bottom left: Alien vs. Predator (2004). Bottom right: Event Horizon (1997).


Cinefex, March 1998, article by Kevin H. Martin
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Fangoria, August 1997, article by Dave Hughes


Commentary and making of from the Special Edition.

Event Horizon miniature effects. Link.


Alternate film studio logos. Link.

Fire in zero G. Link.

Planet distances. Link.

IMDb. Link.

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